Dancing Precarity: An Open Letter A Spam A Resistance

I just got this and it’s excellent!!

“Dear community & beyond,
This is,
A spam A letter A resistance A performance,
In dancing & despair & destitution,
To whom it regards, in solidarity.
Don’t be wary, I am not a fraudulent spam.
No money, no cheques, no hacking of bodily software.
Here is an Open Letter as video letter attached.

I appreciate your listening.
Thanks in advance.
From Anonymous Artist in London”


The Last Knit

Here’s a little taster of the seven hour durational piece I was in recently 🙂 Find my thoughts on the performance here https://izzybrittain.wordpress.com/2014/03/29/the-last-knit/

Created by Annika Kompart in collaboration with the performers (Me! Toke Strandby, Dagmar Birnbaum, Maud Brambach, Andy Phillips, Rebecca Holmberg)

Kumba Live

This is me and my poetic-duo-partner Maz Tuckman trying out some new spoken word stuff on a Bristol audience at Kumba Live. Kumba is a lovely 12 hour mish mash of nice vibes; a market of local wares, good grub, creative platform (circus, dance, poets, music, whatever really) and a party with a wicked sound system and lots of dancing to round it all off. It’s organised by my really tall and multi talented friend Simon Abel. Extremely nice folk, great place, only got good things to say of my first ever visit to Bristol…can’t believe I haven’t been before! My poem (FUCKYOGA.COM) was totally unrehearsed. I finished it the night before! But what the hell I’ll post it anyway. Good times 🙂


hello friends!

Like many people, it took me a while to discover the things I really love in life. But finally – here I am! Dancing, writing, poetry-making, performing, creating, exploring. Giving it all a bash.

So hello. Pleased to meet you! I’m Izzy Brittain, currently in the last leg of my degree at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance. I’m in the process of gathering all the things I am and have been together, and seeing where that might lead me.

I’m not sure exactly where that is, because I’m a bit of a patchwork person with many interests and I kind of want to find a way of merging them all! I just know that I’ll carry on doing all the creative shizwoz that I love, one way or another.

I just want to keep on learning and growing, discovering new things about the world and people and myself. I reckon it’s good to keep yourself on your toes a bit, and to learn to flow with the changes.

Some more nature and exploring would be very lovely… but all in good time, all in good time izzabella…

So far I’ve got three dance theatre pieces in my small but expanding repertoire! postcards from berlin, six songs about the moon and how to build a boat.

The first was performed at a mini-festival at Tanztangente in Berlin, and the latter was performed at NEWK at Stage@Leeds and Fresh at Dance City, Newcastle.

What can I say? I just like making magical worlds out of movement and words. My work is based in collaboration, improvisation and play, and these little projects were the start of something for me.

I’m currently working on a collaboration with Cristina Mackerron. As a chaotic double act, we’re making a dark, fairytale influenced piece inspired by the work of writer Angela Carter and artist Paula Rego.

The cast of ladies are slightly soiled and not quite up to the fariy tale, but they’re trying their best. There’s bloody knickers, anarchic dressing up boxes, and a bad portuguese accent with a lisp! I’ll leave it at that for now. It’s an experiment, so we’ll see…

I’ll also be cracking on with a solo at some point, with a bit of poetry, hula hooping, and probably some gratuitous Kate Bush thrown in.

As a mover and performer, I’m curious and eclectic. I can connect to many different ways of doing things, but I’ve got a weird way which is all my own, and which I’m yet to define!

I’ve performed poetry on community radio, at charity events, various open mics, even at a festival. I’m now also involved in an ongoing poetry and dance collaboration with another poet/performer called Marianne Tuckman.

We’re currently developing our eccentric dance-poem hybrids and more ranty spoken word skills. Next up is the Swan Love charity event for Hand in Hand for Syria, a trip to Kumba scratch night in Bristol, and a collaboration with two folk singers!

So that’s what I’m up to at the moment, but I like to keep busy, so I’m sure there’ll be more before long.

I guess I just want to make stuff that engages the senses and the imagination.

I like to provide a healthy mix of calmness and chaos.

Of course I want to say something. But the last thing I want to do is to ram it down people’s throat.

I’d just like people to have an experience, and hopefully connect in some way to the stuff I make. Quite simple really.

Cheers for reading!

All the love xxx