I am a Leeds based dancer, writer, maker and poet. Currently in the final year of my degree at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance, I enjoy making magical worlds out of movement and words! I don’t know what’s next, but I know I’ll carry on doing the things I love, on way or another.

When not dancing, I write. I’ve had a grand total of one poem (busrides and timeslides) published in poetry and illustration journal Popshot, and perform my poetry at open mics and festivals, both alone and alongside fellow dancing-poet Marianne Tuckman.

As a previous English graduate prior to life in the arts, I’m now also returning to my roots and taking my first baby steps into writing and reviewing. I currently edit the northernisms student-run blog, and also write for leeds-based websites Champion Up North and West Yorkshire Theatre Network.

On this blog I’ll be talking about my projects, poetry, and what the creative peoples around me are doing. There might also be a few words on generally living a life thrown in, if i’m feeling like I might have some wisdom to impart!

I love collaboration, improvisation, creativity in it’s many forms, the natural world, and people – in all their various funny-folk weirdness.

I just want to keep on creating, growing, exploring, learning. If any of this sounds interesting, read on!

I’m a romantic; I know we can make beautiful things together.

Welcome to izzabellanecessary: a little place for my collected words and wonderings. xxx


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