sia and maddie


elastic heart

big girl’s cry

A while back the final video installment in the tryptich of Sia & Maddie collaborations came out. I had been watching these videos with absolute fascination since this unexpected collaboration began. Sia the Ozzie pop star who describes fame as being like ‘an abusive mother-in-law’, met Maddie the child prodigy of TV reality show Dance Moms. However I only recently realised recently that this distaste for fame was the reason Sia had decided to opt out of the limelight, replacing herself with Maddie in a lookalike wig in her music videos instead (debatable… somewhat?!)

I’m not much of a pop music fan – I can take or leave Sia’s songs and I also probably wouldn’t be as interested in Maddie’s dancing if I was handcuffed and forced to watch Dance Moms, but this particular whole thing together? Weirdly compelling, extremely interesting and raises lots of questions for me. I enjoy the fact that this brings contemporary dance into pop culture. I was particularly impressed with Elastic Heart and the collaboration with Shia La Boeuf. I think this video is full of metaphor and visual poetry. It says a lot about innocence versus experience, and the way mainstream culture cages both little girls and grown men in to restrictive stereotypes. It’s tender, somehow.

I like these videos. That’s all I wanted to say really…


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