I just like this, so I’m reposting it…


A Yes Manifesto*

By Miranda Tufnell, Eva Karczag and Chris Crickmay


Yes to making and performing one’s own work

Yes to inventing one’s own forms within the process of making

Yes to discovering what feels ‘real’

Yes to being engaged with the world in all its complexity

Yes to experiencing the present moment within and around us

Yes to using anything as material for a dance

Yes to the everyday – the extraordinary within the ordinary

Yes to the personal being political

Yes to the body as portal to memories, histories and worlds of imagination

Yes to curiosity and research into the matter, mystery and meaning of the body

Yes to bodily knowing

Yes to improvisation, risk, play and freeing the creative impulse

Yes to affirming the multitudinous and changing nature of ourselves, and all things around us

Yes to new sites, audiences and contexts

Yes to letting form emerge unpredictably out of process

Yes to training in skills of attention and responsiveness – a listening approach

Yes to a lightness of being, to humour, wit and laughter, resistance and rebellion

Yes to particularity

Yes to refreshing ‘language’ and working across art forms

Yes to engaging with metaphor and the poetics of experience

Yes to kinaesthetic imagination and delight

Yes to a dancer as independent artist, who asks questions and explores choices

*Acknowledging the inspiration of Yvonne Rainer’s ‘No Manifesto’ (1965) and Eduardo Galeano’s speech ‘We Say No’, delivered in 1988 in support of democracy in Chile


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