WORD OF SEPTEMBER (and the rest of 2014!!)


Image of Gorgast railway tracks, by the lovely Kattee Proberto

If you remember rightly, you’ll remember that the word I chose to guide my 2014 was INTEGRITY. Check out the original post here for a more thorough rundown. True to it’s word, integrity has guided me well and it’s now suddenly september – where the hell did that come from?! September as a month can be seen as many things, but as my mate Simon pointed out, it can also be a sort of second chance saloon for New Year type sentiments and resolutions. Hence, I’ve decided to progress my WORD OF THE YEAR accordingly.

Recently I read somewhere; ‘Do you want continuity, or do you want innovation? Just  make a decision and go with it’. At the same time I also kept seeing and hearing another seemingly related word everywhere – in books, magazines, conversations (alright I’ll admit it – it was also in my star-sign a couple of times). I realised that living with a bit more integrity for me leads naturally to this, and so my new WORD OF SEPTEMBER (and the rest of 2014) is………….


To live with integrity opens us up to change and innovation. This means that to live with integrity offers the opportunity for the act of discovering something; something seen or learned for the first time (since every experience is different, no matter how similar). To me the transition from INTEGRITY to DISCOVERY means that my own self can be strong enough to retain my integrity when all around it, and even within it, is changing. To follow INTEGRITY into DISCOVERY means to nurture your own evolution, and the evolution of others. To not cling to integrity as a concept, but to keep discovering your own integrity each day, through inummerbale shifts, twists and moment-to-moment backpedalling or sideways-straddling manoeuvres. I think it means to be anchored and freed AT THE SAME TIME.

PHEW. That’s it for now. OVER AND OUT. Unless anybody else has got any ideas for their own WORD OF SEPTEMBER? Suggestions and thoughts welcome 🙂 XXX



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