My friend Maz-Bird talks FLOCK. Good work you magical creature! Big up to all the enthusiastic baby-birds, gender-bending-birds and beautiful-new-friend-birds that joined us on our flights of fantastic lunacy at Avant Garden and Shambala. Extra-massive love and thanks to Georgie Buchanan for being the birdy brains of the outfit (literally, she thunk it up, she made the wings, she showed us how to fly!) Here’s to many more happy FLOCKventures and festivals. WE LOVE FLOCK!! XXX


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FLOCK is a newly formed collective of dancers, poets, seamstresses, singers and puppet makers. Last year Georgie, India and Louisa introduced Unknown Festival to birdy delights, this summer FLOCK have been flying all over.

We have an interactive, nomadic story that develops each day with workshops and performances. Each aspect of our performance is designed to invite fellow festival goers to join in. WARNING: FLOCK may attempt to seduce new flock members in subversive manners, such as through the disputably irresistible FLOCK mating dance. New members will be greeted by a lively welcome dance and will be presented with a unique item binding them to FLOCK.

We took FLOCK on an urban adventure from Hackney to Lewisham on our way to Avantgarden Festival at the Fox and Firkin. Our feathers set trains, buses and dual carriageways blazing with colour. Passers by passed by and then passed back to double…

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