Twisted Knickers and Dictatorships

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Some rehearsal photos from my final year project, Twisted Knickers and Dictatorships! We’re not photographers, but there’s still some nice ones here… This piece was a collaboration between myself and my good friend Cristina Mackerron, and a unique and fascinating cast of lady performers; Sophie Hutchinson, Emily Eason, Emily Orme and Nikki De Graaf.

With black humour running through every costume change and fluctuating personality, this cast of slightly soiled, somewhat flawed, but often wild and fearless female characters, find themselves endlessly tangled in the twisted knicker dictatorship – with only an anarchic dressing up box and a really bad portuguese accent with a lisp, for company…

It’s a fairly chaotic piece of dance theatre, overflowing with a disparate band of women, stories and characters, in a place where magic and realism meets! Extracting the latent content from the fairy tale form, and inspired particularly by the life and work of artist Paula Rego and writer Angela Carter, we set out to excavate the surreal, savage, and sometimes farcical aspects of femininity and the romantic ideal.

Archetypes are twisted and turned upside down, revealing the women to be both complex and contradictory creatures. Filled with gothic tales, cruel tales, tales of wonder and tales of terror; many influences are exploited in this cut and paste performance style which mixes the personal and the political, the traditional and the contemporary, the beautiful and the grotesque.

The piece will be shown again during an exchange with London Contemporary Dance School on 9th May, and we’re on the lookout for other opportunities, so fingers crossed!


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