up ‘ogden

Ogden water is a great place to get some nature in my home town, Halifax. It’s somewhere I often used to go to walk, and even run sometimes, during my more energetic periods. I went there a lot as a kid, so the place holds really special memories for me. There’s a wind farm there, and I don’t think it detracts one bit from the natural beauty of the place. How can something so harmonious with nature be something for some misery guts to whinge about. I wrote this little poem whilst thinking about that !

separate yet together,

we walk,

side by side

amongst moor-deadened heather.

during these times

it’s rare we talk,

keeping eyes steady on the horizon

where skies are spliced with white,

and graceful structures circle,

filling the benign spikes

of these mills

with life of a kind.


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