what do my bones hold?

about a woman 3

Photograph by Don Shades


I was just thinking about my body one day. Dancing does that to you. You’re always thinking about your bloody body! And I thought of the title, and just wrote some words down from there. It’s nicer read aloud, so when I get a recording of it I’ll whack it on here, but till then, enjoy… Maybe read it out to yourself?! 


what do my bones hold?

other bodies,

ghosts? my ancestor’s hopes?

calcium and minerals,

muscle, gristle,

cow’s milk – fears,

mother’s milk – tears,

childhood falls and A&E trips –


a likeness to the surface of the moon,

and other, less exotic rocks.

creaks, cracks, maybe mild arthritis,

hopefully not osteoperosis

… maybe LOVE?!


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