busrides and timeslides


Illustration by Daniel Mitchell. Poem published in poetry and illustration journal ‘Popshot’, in their ‘this is modern living’ issue. It was written about my daily commute at the time. I was trying to utilise that static time to appreciate the small beauties of the everyday.

six solemn backs of heads

sit serene in solitude,

unique as antique plates

with chips, patterns and histories

but plates all the same.

dust coats my finger as

half-conscious, i collect muck,

a minor detail of matter.

here bus tickets lie

like scattered reminders of time.

the bus carries me to town

by hook or by crook,

and the clock stops as i travel.

here spiritual laws unravel

like kicker elastic,

in rare breaks between

time binding and surreal snakes

of tick-tock watching.

there is silence and potential

in this daily journey.

i give the bus driver

a wonky grin, an open-hearted wish,

then rub rank, velvet seats

that stink of piss

with my nail-less fingers.


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